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Life Drawing is both art and soul on paper

This warmth of this drawing has everything to do with that it is drawn with conte. This weeks long pose with Deborah at the Village Studio in Belleville.

Posted 301 weeks ago

Weekly drawing session at the Village Art Studio, Belleville

This week Erin modeled for us and as you can see is pregnant and due in December. For her advanced condition she was remarkably poised and took the 2 hour pose in her stride. Good Luck Erin!

Posted 302 weeks ago

Village Art Studio in Belleville

I have been going to Village Art Studio in Belleville recently and have decided it will be my new open studio for the foreseeable future. It is run by aritist, Liz Dinkel and unlike some studios that I have been using in the past is clean, bright and friendly. The model today was New York transplant Deborah Sanchez, herself an artist and new to Canada. Welcome Deborah!!

Posted 305 weeks ago

Red Cedar Forest

One of the joys of living in Prince Edward County, are the Red Cedar Forests that cover much of the county side. This Forest is on County Road 14,

This is a Red Wood Forest in Prince Edward County across from the Lane where we now live after 40 years in Toronto.

Posted 305 weeks ago
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